Rachel in the media

I am an experienced writer and speaker, regularly approached by event organisers and journalists looking for well-written articles, top tips and presentations on a variety of pregnancy, birth and parenting topics.

With over 30 years as a specialist midwife and parenting consultant, I bring expertise, up to date knowledge and a wealth of evidence based advice.

As a regular favourite at The Baby Show, I have presented at over a dozen shows from the main stage (and online during the 2020-2021 lockdowns) on newborn topics such as sleep and the fourth trimester and am booked to appear again for the 2022 shows.


Having appeared in stage productions from the age of six, media teams value my camera and stage confidence, skilful delivery and audience engagement. As a trained classical singer, voice production and projection comes naturally to me and my voice does not tire or weaken over long hours of travelling and presenting, and my complete lack of stage fright ensures that I can always be relied on to bring enthusiasm and energy to any platform.

Over the past 5 years I have been been asked to record parent information films for Dentinox, Mother&Baby and Asda. 

To see some of these films, look below and click the images …

This information film about colic made for Dentinox and available on YouTube is one in a series of three I was asked to make on common baby ailments.

As well as the filming, I helped to create the scripts, ensuring that they were factually accurate, and accessible to the general public.

Working in conjunction with Mother&Baby and Asda, I was asked to make a series of four parent information films on a variety of topics from weaning to bathing a baby. All are available on YouTube.

Filmed during the second lockdown of 2020 when time together was limited for safety, the team were delighted to be able to create so much content in such a short space of time due to my renowned ‘one take’ skills!

Having presented and written regularly for five years for Mother&Baby as their ‘Agony Aunt’, I was asked to travel to their studio to film a series of short information videos on a number of parenting topics from using a dummy to breastfeeding.

Here is a video with a new mum and baby showing a very practical and easy approach to breastfeeding that actually looks from the mum’s perspective rather than the viewer’s. This was my idea as I know from experience just how much confusion is caused by the majority of breastfeeding ‘how to’ videos which film from the viewer’s perspective.

Written media

Print journalists appreciate my no nonsense approach and my ability to produce readily-usable and flexible copy for even the shortest deadlines and tightest word counts.

Articulate, literate, and creative, I can write quickly, accurately and lucidly, thereby reducing the stress and workload to the busy, time-pressured journalist

Over the last decade I have written numerous articles, blogs and short pieces for a wide variety of publications and online parenting and news sites.

Click the images below to read the articles …

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