Here's some more about me and my experience!

I’m Rachel FitzD and I have worked with mums and babies for over 40 years, supporting literally thousands of women JUST LIKE YOU as they made their transition into motherhood.

Moving from the world of work to the world of motherhood can be overwhelming at times – journeying through pregnancy, preparing for birth and then learning how to read, interpret AND meet all those seemingly endless needs!

It is my personal mission to really focus all my energy on helping women to gain the knowledge, insights and practical skills to become the confident, competent and compassionate mother of their own imagination.

Forty years experience as ...

A midwife ...

As a fully trained midwife for 40 years, I worked first in a hospital and then in the community. I really loved my community work – getting close to mums, being able to guide them through the stages of pregnancy and then aiding them in the intensity of birth, right through to those early days and weeks afterwards. Helping them navigate through the challenges of feeding, new baby care, self-care, and of course, the particular challenge of sleep! 

I was quickly picked out to specialise in infant feeding (I went on to set up the Wallingford Baby Bar). Trained to assess and divide tongue-ties, I set up the local Frenulotomy clinic which runs to this day.

Skilled and experienced in all aspects of formula and mixed as well as in breast feeding, women can depend on me for practical, down-to earth guidance on all their feeding challenges, from the basics of feeding a newborn one-handed, to the genuinely complex, such as feeding a baby with special needs.

And a parent ...

But I’ve not just worked with mums, I’ve lived it! Oh yes!

As a mother of four boys I’ve been through pretty much everything that all mums go through! I’ve struggled with sleep (theirs and mine!), tantrums, toilet training, weaning, the never-ending “Why?s”, the panics and then the particular challenges of adolescence. 

I haven’t just talked the talk. I really have walked the walk!

A month after having the third of my four sons, I started an in-depth parenting course leading me onto a lifelong journey exploring how babies and children develop, and how confident, assertive and compassionate parenting skills can be used to guide our children towards greater self-discipline and self-esteem.

The training I gained on that course helped me so much, and the strategies I learned and put into place in my own parenting have enabled me to to help thousands of parents throughout my career.

Loving and conscientious parents know that, like every great cook, learning and honing new strategies is essential to ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of their babies and children. Learning those skills from an expert who genuinely practices what she preaches (firstly with my own children and now with my grandchildren) gives parents the confidence to discover their own inner genius for raising a family.

What mums say ...

‘Parenting challenges have pushed me even further than I could have imagined, and having Rachel there as my pragmatic, kind and straight-talking guru has made a very hard time that little bit more bearable. She keept me on track, trusted my instincts, offered solutions and drowned out the noise that surrounds new mums. Her input has been truly invaluable!’ H.A.

‘Rachel has helped me so much – informing and encouraging me not only in breastfeeding, but with my toddler and older child too. Thanks to Rachel I have finally had a successful breastfeeding journey with my 3rd child after failed attempts with my first 2 children. My youngest is 27 months and still breastfeeding – actual helpful advice while debunking all the many myths that comes with every aspect of parenting.’ L.R.

Spreading the word ...

In 2017 I was asked to write my first book, which I called Your Baby, Skin to Skin. Based on evolutionary principals, coupled with my advice from decades of experience, I’m honoured and grateful for the enormous number of five star reviews the book has received from mums, who have used it to help them in the first year of the life of their baby.

Since the publication of the book, I’ve been in constant demand from magazines, blog creators and journalists to write on a wide range of pregnancy and parenting topics.

Families need access to easy to read, evidence-based and expert information in a confusing world where so many people give out opinion that is not based on fact and is not always safe. I have produced articles and tips on subjects ranging from the informative (how much caffeine is safe in pregnancy?) to the fun (should Wills and Kate have more children?).

I’m also a featured speaker at The Baby Show and have presented at every UK Baby Show since May 2017. I also provide the team with parenting films and blog posts and have been asked by several ethical baby product companies to work with them to create films and guides.

From chaos and confusion to calm and clarity!

In 2018, I hung up my midwifery hat to focus all my energy on supporting women everywhere by reassuring them that their experiences of mothering their highly-evolved baby and child are both real and universal.

And to empower them with practical, effective and gentle strategies so they can mother confidently.

I’ve worked with families across the world and with some very famous celebrity faces (yup – everyone has challenges). I don’t see child development as a series of leaps and regressions, but as a constant, forward journey, beautifully underpinned by millions of years of evolution which has given our little ones, and us, all the knowledge and skills we need. We simply need to tap into that hidden wealth.

I'm even a zebra specialist!

As a sufferer from the genetic condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (often known as hypermobility syndrome) I know there are particular challenges around pregnancy and birth for the many mums out there with EDS.

Back in 2013 I visited a stall run by EDS UK. I offered to write their guides for pregnancy, birth and postnatal care and also to offer support to their clients. I am currently writing a book for midwives and doulas on caring for women with the condition.

Pregnant women and mums with EDS and related conditions are often dismissed at a time in their lives when they desperately need guidance from someone who understands their condition and can educate them and their carers so they can make safe and informed choices about how they birth and care for their babies. I’m here for those women AND their team.

How can I help you?

Through my 1-2-1 work with parents, I bring lightbulb moments to wash out the chaos and confusions and replace it with clarity and calm.
Whether you are:

  • Wanting help with sleep challenges
  • Looking for a down-to-earth, easy and practical weaning approach
  • Ready to start toilet training and want a super-easy plan
  • Needing a solid household discipline approach which respects EVERYONE’S needs
  • Struggling with the teenage years and need fresh eyes

I can help you discover age-appropriate, practical and compassionate strategies which keep you firmly in the driving seat feeling confident and certain of the route ahead.