Are you a new mum whose baby simply won’t settle in their crib for more than a few minutes?

Has feeding become the nightmare you thought you’d never have to face?

Did you expect to be a laid-back parent, able to meet their baby’s needs, only to find that the baby in your arms has other ideas?

Were you looking forward to leaving your corporate life to start motherhood but now feel overwhelmed at the lack of order and routine in your life?

Do you feel that everyone else is coping but that you’ve run out of cope?

Are you living with a mum and simply don’t know what has happened to the confident, competent woman you fell in love with and can’t seem to do the right thing to bring stability back to the home?

Is your baby due soon and you just cannot find really in-depth practical birth workshops to properly prepare you for any eventuality?

Do you get past one parenting challenge just to be rocked by another, and another, and another …?


I am Rachel Fitz-Desorgher, a leading, internationally-known baby and child expert, Agony Aunt for Mother & Baby and the Baby Sleep presenter on The Baby Show

My passionate mission is to RECONNECT women with their innate inner-mother, to REASSURE them that their experiences of mothering their highly-evolved baby and child are both real and universal, and RE-EMPOWER them with practical, effective and gentle strategies so they can REDISCOVER how to mother confidently.

As the mother to four sons, my knowledge is grounded in my own personal experience, over 30 years’ work as a specialist midwife, infant feeding consultant and parenting consultant, and as the author of the 5-star book Your Baby Skin To Skin.

I bring my expansive experience and down-to-earth, practical approach into my mentoring of women and their families as they transition from work-life to and through motherhood.

If you’d like to explore how we can work together to bring clarity and calm back into your life, contact me and I will come back to you.

Your Baby Skin To Skin!

Covering your baby’s first year from the perspective of evolution, my book explains how to parent by tuning into your own and your baby’s instincts.

Rachel’s voice will lead you confidently and gently through the most challenging and rewarding minutes, weeks and months with your new baby.”

“A wonderfully written tale masterfully combining primeval labour and modern day motherhood! Packed with invaluable knowledge and useful tips for expecting and newborn mothers.”

“I have read a lot of baby books, and I can confidently say that this is the best of the bunch by a long way. It’s jam-packed with practical information, tips and advice that you can apply straightaway.”

“Brilliant and easy to read. I wish I had read this before having my first. It just makes sense – I highly recommend it.”

You’ll get a big welcome to our community … a group for pregnant women and like-minded mums at any point on their parenting journey … celebrating our successes and accepting our limitations, knowing that we are, after all, only human!