Confident Parenting

We all want our children to be sociable, self-disciplined and great to live with, NOT through fear of punishment and NOT to gain a reward but simply because that is how the world works best.

My Confident Parenting workshop gives you an excellent understanding of baby and child psychology and development alongside brilliant strategies that start you on your parenting journey free from the punishment/reward cycle that continues to cause misery and stress in homes across the country.

Just like a great cookery course for enthusiastic new cooks looking to learn the very finest techniques, my Confident Parenting workshop and courses are ideal for parents wanting to develop a toolbox of ideas, skills and strategies that will see them through ALL the stages of their child’s life.

Covering a variety of topics from helping your child develop good sleep habits to emotional literacy, handling tantrums and practical discipline strategies, I can set you on the road to a more confident parenting journey.

Given in the comfort of your own home, or in small groups, this is the perfect present to give yourselves as thoughtful and conscientious parents.