Tongue-tie Assessment

About one in ten babies have a little web of skin under the tongue (called a frenulum or “tongue-tie”). Most of these babies will either feed without any trouble at all or manage fine once some expert help is given. However, about a quarter of these babies will struggle to feed no matter how much help is given and these babies might need the frenulum cut (frenulotomy).

If you think that your baby has a feeding problem which might be caused by a frenulum, it is important to understand how best your baby can be helped BEFORE seeking surgery.

I have specialised in “tongue-tie” for over 15 years and have a deep understanding of how to assess whether or not a frenulum is impacting on feeding (breast or bottle) and whether or not a frenulotomy is needed.

Working alongside some of the most experienced frenulotomists in the UK, I can properly assess your baby, work with you to overcome difficulties without surgery where possible and refer you quickly when it is the most appropriate course of action.

The techniques I use to assess tongue function have been sought out by hundreds of parents for being gentle and effective and for helping them to make a safe and informed choice about the best course of action.