Ultimate Birth Prep

Birth is the exciting culmination of nine months of waiting and anticipation: it is natural to feel anxious and to wonder what lies in store.

My unique Ultimate Birth Prep approach gives you the very best, most comprehensive preparation you can wish for, ensuring that you can look forward to your labour and birth with confidence and excitement.

During your six Ultimate Birth Prep workshops you will learn how to overcome your natural anxiety and tension with practical techniques that have stood the test of time.

Whilst other forms of birth preparation give you a few basic tools and stretegies, Ultimate Birth Prep fills your toolbox to the top so that you can feel more confident in coping with everything from a straightforward experience to even the most challenging labour or birth.

The six-session one-to-one course covers everything from normal labour and birth to caesarean sections and includes sessions on massage and Pilates.

The final session comprises an in-depth infant feeding and early days workshop.

Through this unique package, I bring my wealth of knowledge and experience into your own home to prepare you completely for every aspect of your baby’s birth and early days.