Hello. My name is Rachel Fitz-Desorgher.

I am an experienced midwife, infant feeding consultant, active birth teacher and parenting consultant. I co-created Henley Birthcare, a unique freelance midwifery and doula service offering bespoke care to clients in Oxfordshire, London and the Home Counties.

In the first private/NHS partnership of its kind, I mentor midwifery students from Oxford Brookes University, lecture at hospitals and conferences on infant feeding and tongue-tie and I am the midwife specialist for EDS UK, a genetic connective tissue disorder.

As the mother to four sons, my knowledge is grounded in my own personal experience and over 30 years’ work as a midwife. Always more interested in the parent-baby relationship than in “catching” babies, I bring my knowledge of evolutionary biology to my approach in preparing parents for labour and birth, feeding, soothing and parenting babies and children.

Whatever your unique needs, I can offer you bespoke help, advice and support services that are sensitive, practical and, above all else, effective.

Your Baby Skin To Skin!

Covering your baby’s first year from the perspective of evolution, my book explains how to parent by tuning into your own and your baby’s instincts. Order from Amazon

Rachel’s voice will lead you confidently and gently through the most challenging and rewarding minutes, weeks and months with your new baby.”

“A wonderfully written tale masterfully combining primeval labour and modern day motherhood! Packed with invaluable knowledge and useful tips for expecting and newborn mothers.”

“I have read a lot of baby books, and I can confidently say that this is the best of the bunch by a long way. It’s jam-packed with practical information, tips and advice that you can apply straightaway.”

“Brilliant and easy to read. I wish I had read this before having my first. It just makes sense – I highly recommend it.”

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